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Photo and video services

André Elbing

André Elbing

official photographer

During the festival you will be photographed by the famous dance photographer André Elbing. For over 30 years he's photographed thousands of dance events and dancers. 5 photos of EVERY ONE of your performances will be given to you for free. The rest are available for order on site and later online on his website

Individual photoshoot:

You have a unique opportunity to order individual photoshoot with André at any of the beautiful Warsaw locations!

Photoshoot price:

First 30 minutes 100€, each next 30 minutes +50€. Each 30 minutes include 2 fully retouched photographs. Additional photographs are 10€ per photo.

Do not hesitate to book your photoshoot through festival organizers or with André directly on his Facebook page

Vladimir Kluchenkov

Vladimir Kluchenkov

official videographer

ALL your amazing performances will be filmed by one of the best bellydance videographers with over 10 years of experience – Vladimir Kluchenkov — and videos will be given to you for free.